Meet Damion

Damion has been described as determined, motivated, and tenacious.  He is always seeking to better himself as well as those all around him.  He lives by what he calls the “Harriet Tubman principle.”  Harriet Tubman achieved her own freedom, but refused to be free alone.  With all that Damion has been through he has achieved a lot of freedom, and is pursuing achieving even more, however he considers himself a failure if he can’t help others find freedom as well.  As a result Damion is always finding ways to invest in other people.

Damion has been describes as other things as well.  In addition to being motivated and highly motivational, people have also describe him with terms like “different,” “unique,” and sometimes even “weird.”  When asked about this Damion usually says, “Yea, I’ve been called weird before, but it’s usually followed with ‘in a good way’ so it’s okay.”  Damion is okay with this since he believes that “in order to make a difference, once must be different.”  For this reason he enjoys challenging people to stand out, be their true authentic selves, and live out their unique calling.

Damion considers himself a regular guy with great friends and a great opportunity at life.  On this page you can learn more about him.


Damion’s family is extremely precious to him.  He is known to be a family man, great husband, and a loving father.  He is married to the love of His life, Ketacha, and they have been happily married since August 7, 2011.  Together they have two children.

The first is known as Damion’s clone, Josiah, who is a brilliant young man who began reading at the age of 1, was able to text message before he was able to say a word, knew his times tables up to 15 by the time he was 18 months, and at 3 years old decided to teach himself mandarin (neither parent speaks mandarin).  Josiah is an amazing gifted young man who is on he autistic spectrum.  For this reason, autism is a cause that Damion is very open to speaking about to share his experience in this field.

Their second child is Imaya.  She is a very loving girl who is completely enamoured with her big brother Josiah.  She is happiest when she is around him, doesn’t want to sleep unless he is asleep as well just so she can watch what he does all the time.  Imaya has been described as a very happy baby.  The coolest story of her life so far is that she was born the night of her baby shower.  The baby shower had finished just 3 hours before labor began (Damion and Ketacha had just made it in time, if they had waited just one more day, they would have missed the chance for a baby shower.)

Damion also always gives a shout-out to his mother.  He grew up without an involved father, but with a very loving mother.  As a matter of fact, the fact that he goes by the name “Damion” is a tribute to his mother.  Officially “Damion” is his middle name, his first name was given to him by his father, while his middle name is the name his mother gave him.  Because of the tremendous influence and support that she has given him, he has chosen to go by “Damion.”

There’s an interesting story about how Damion met his wife as well, believe it or not it was through his speaking that first began to be acquainted with his wife.  In 2009 Damion was doing a seminar at a college and Ketacha happened to attend.  There they became acquainted.  She learned more about his passion and life trajectory and decided that she wanted to be a part of the journey.  Damion agreed that their journey of life was best together, so they joined forces and have been happily married ever since.


Damion is determined to develop his skills to the best of his ability and is always seeking to learn a new one. Some have called Damion a “learning junkie.”  To Damion it’s just a mix of curiosity and a desire to explore the wonders of the world.  He is not exactly great at many of these skills, but that doesn’t take the fun away from them.


In order to keep up with his skills development, Damion also keeps a degreed portfolio (or at least tries to keep up with it) that can be looked at here.



New Charter University

Bachelor of Science: Business, Entrepreneurship

Damion wanted to further sharpen his skills in business and made the choice to go through a college degree program in business.


University of the People

Master of Business Administration

Damion is proud to be in the process of obtaining his Master of Business Administration from University of the People, the world's first online tuition-free university. Damion Believes that a Master of Business Administration will help him gain the knowledge and skills to further help people.

Why Damion Speaks

“Hey! It’s me, Damion! I thought I’d actually write in this part myself and explain why I speak.  I hope you enjoy some of the facts about my family and a little about my life, if there’s anything else you want to know, I’m pretty much an open book, so just reach out to me!

Anyway, why do I speak?  Like most people I haven’t had a smooth ride in life.  I too know what it’s like to struggle.  I also know what it’s like to have a word in season.  I know what it’s like to have a word of encouragement.  I understand that life is easy for no one, but words can help give us the tools that we need to navigate through this thing called life.  I speak to help provide those words.

I truly believe that people are valuable, my faith even let’s me know that they are the most valuable of anything in the universe, even more valued than the life of God.  I also believe that words can play a significant role in that value being realized.  Words can be used to invest in people, as a result, they become more.  I want to be one who uses my words as an investment made in people.  I therefore speak, to encourage people not to give up.  I speak to help others find their way.  I speak to share what I have received.  I speak as my investment in the world.”

~ Damion Maragh