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Damion Maragh

Damion is a serial entrepreneur and a true believer in entrepreneurship.  He is currently the CEO of Xepsia, LLC, and Entrepreneurship firm that takes wannabe entrepreneurs and removes the wannabe label.

Damion is highly driven to see others succeed.  He has a passion for small businesses and entrepreneurship and will go through any lengths to make sure that the businesses he is connected to thrive.  He believes the words that we use are capital that we invest in other people, He want to use his words, whether written or spoken, to invest in other people and make them more.

Damion's Values



Damion brings excellence, exuberance, and enthusiasm to every presentation he makes.  He is determined to make your event an awesome experience.  He is a an active member of Toastmasters International and the National Speakers Association.  He speaks on the subjects of entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, and personal excellence.  He generally speaks to 3 different audiences.

Corporate and Association Speaking

Let’s make your next meeting and event awesome!  Damion inspires audiences through keynote speeches and disseminates practical knowledge through seminars, training, and workshops.

Possible Subjects:

  • Dive In: Taking that step to start a business and what you need to know
  • Embers: Starting a Fire, and Keeping Safe (how fires and entrepreneurs are alike)
  • Leading Organically: Leadership in the new world, outside of just your job
  • Curing Hateration: Unleash your true potential by appreciating what you have and what others accomplish
  • Getting Digital With Your Marketing: Digital doesn’t neglect personal
  • Many other topics that cover entrepreneurship, marketing, and leadership


Possible Events:

  • Conferences
  • Association Meetings
  • In house company training
  • Company retreats
  • Conventions

Youth Speaking

Damion enjoys inspiring youth to greater excellence and purpose in their lives.  His speeches are designed to inspire, challenge, and provoke youth to excellence.  He is available to speak to both high school and college audiences.

Possible Subjects

  • unStuck: What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • Winning by Finishing: Developing Productive Habits
  • Ambition Fruition:  Seeing your dreams come to life
  • Your Other Education:  Resources to develop your mind outside the classroom


Possible Events:

  • Assemblies
  • Classroom Guest
  • School Retreats
  • School Seminars

NonProfit and Church

Damion is very passionate about developing communities and truly appreciates the work that many non-profit organizations are doing.  He is passionate about social justice issues as well as the economic development of underprivileged individuals.  He speaks for non-profits and encourages them to stay on course for their vision.

Possible Subjects

  • Keeping your heart, keeping the purpose
  • unPlagued: Making your purpose contagious
  • Gaining support for your cause

Possible Events

  • Meetings
  • Fundraising Events



  • Damion is a Christian fueled by his faith and is willing to speak at churches.


*Damion has a special passion for autism, he has experience here and gives special priority to the cause of Autism.

**Special (discounted) rates apply for 501(c)3 and grassroots organizations.

What People are Saying

“Interesting and Informative.”

“The human brain is wired for story telling. The feeling of satisfaction we get from resolution or understanding at the completion of a narrative is due to release of the happy hormones in our blood stream. This makes the message impactful, relatable, and unforgettable. This is Damion in a nutshell. When he speaks, he presents information that is interesting and informative, and that remains with you for application.”

~ Rissa Robertson, Entrepreneur, Founder, And Her Story

“Excellent Speaker”

“Damion is an excellent speaker. He is a devoted husband and a great father to his two wonderful children.  His ability to connect, and to leave a positive impression on his audience is like no other. The strength of a great speaker is his passion, knowledge and skill to make a story come to life, and Damion have those gifts.”

~Geraldy St. Clair, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, St. Clair Decor

Highly Recommended

“Damion is such a dynamic, engaging speaker that we are very thankful to have had on stage for our REMIX worship event in Clinton, MA.  His talk resonated with our audience which are of a younger generation, many of whom are looking for advice and direction in dealing with everyday struggles.    I will continue to work with and highly recommend as a speaker and presenter for future programs!”

~ Gilbert Caraballo, Leader/Coordinator Remix

“Positively Builds those Around him.”

“Damion is a pure example of what it is like to rise above the challenges thrown at you. He exemplifies the importance of personal growth and education in many aspects of life. An author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, he always seeks to positively build those around him. He is a pure agent of innovation, inspiration, wisdom, motivation and encouragement. Anyone, no matter the age, gender or background would be blessed to come across Damion.”

Juliette Nelson, MBA, Business Expert
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“Truly a Great Guy”

“Damion is a great individual. He is intellectual and inspirational. He’s driven and quite goal oriented; always being focused on the vision for his life’s purpose. He’s helpful and always willing to teach someone something new. Truly a great guy.”

~ Lyvia Laurent, Writer and Authorpreneur, LyvingToWrite.com

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